This Cookies Policy intends to provide the necessary information so that any user of the website is able to decide whether to allow the installation of cookies used by BARRULMUSIC, S.L. on the website (hereinafter, the Website) and how to manage them.

The information about the La Pureza Records Cookies Policy is provided through two layers: the first is a footer notification at the bottom of the website, which warns User about the installation and purpose of non-exempt cookies and provides a link to this Policy so that the User can read in detail their content and operation, this being the second layer of information.

This Policy is public and permanently accessible through the link provided on the Website —called “Cookies Policy”—, and may be updated at any time, as a result of a regulatory change or as a result of any change in the configuration of the used Cookies.

La Pureza Records may use cookies, and other similar technologies, to store and retrieve information from the terminal equipments of the User of its websites (hereinafter, collectively referred to as “Cookies”). Cookies are files or computer programs sent to a browser through a web server, which store information on the User’s computer when accessing or browsing a Website, and that can be accessed after being installed. In other words, they are elements of information installed by a Website on your device when you visit it. These devices may contain information about the browsing habits of the User or the equipment on which they are installed, or they can even be used to identify the User.

There are several types of cookies, depending on the purpose for which they are used. La Pureza Records uses the following types of cookies on the Website:

Technical cookies: These enable the User to navigate through the Website and use the different options or services on it, e. g. to identify the session, to keep track of the booking criteria or to configure the Website security.

Personalization cookies: These enable the User to specify or customize some general options of the Website, such as language.

Social cookies: These cookies may be installed by social network service providers when the User selects to share a certain content available on our Website in the social network they operate. See the terms of these services on the following addresses: Facebook and Instagram.

The cookies that are installed on the Website are indicated in the Cookies banner shown when entering the site:

Cookie Expiration Purpose Own/Third parties


Cookies installation will be executed after obtaining the User’s consent, except for the technical or necessary cookies that will be installed in any case. User can authorize the installation of cookies by clicking on “Accept”, or reject their installation by clicking on “Reject”. The configuration selected by the User will be stored in order to prove compliance with the legal obligations we may have within the limitation period.

If the User wishes to revoke the given consent, he/she must delete the installed cookies. To prevent them from being installed in the future, it is necessary to activate the Private Navigation or “Do-Not-Track” options provided in the browser, that is, to block or deactivate the installation of cookies.

The User must take into account that some features of the Website contents are only available if the installation of cookies is allowed in the browser. If you decide not to accept or to block certain cookies, depending on their purpose, this may, totally or partially, affect the normal operation of the Website or prevent access to some of its services.

To allow, block or eliminate installed cookies in a computer or device by configuring the browser options installed in it, the instructions provided by the browser itself must be followed. The links to configure the cookies in the most popular browsers are included below:

• Internet Explorer: Delete and manage cookies

• Mozilla Firefox: Clear Cookies and Block Cookies

• Google Chrome: Delete, enable and manage cookies

• Opera: Cookie options

• Safari: Manage cookies

If any other browser is used, or the links provided do not contain the desired information, it is possible to locate how to manage the cookies installed in a computer by accessing the “Options” or “Settings” -or equivalent- menu of the browser, or by checking the “Help” or “Support” section of the browser itself. There are browsers that allow you to configure specific rules -exceptions- to manage cookies on every Website, so that cookies from all sites can be disabled except those that are reliable.

The User must set his/her preferences on all devices used to browse the Internet.

La Pureza Records reserves the right to update the Website Cookies Policy. Therefore we recommend the User to review this Cookies Policy every time he/she access the Website to be duly informed on the terms of use of cookies.