Oscar Barrul

Oscar Barrul, born in the Pan Bendito neighborhood, is a multidisciplinary artist. Oscar Barrul has songs in his catalog with collaborations with Luis Cortes, Arce and Big Lois among others. With his latest song “Luna de Colores” he has turned his style towards more pop and elegant flamenco, which is the line he will work on in the coming months. His next releases will come in that mood and with a different production, improved by giving him the place that this Madrid artist who left the neighborhood but maintains the neighborhood in its gypsy and flamenco essence deserves. Composer, performer and part of the direct team of Omar Montes, with whom he has composed songs such as the very viral “La Sevillana” or “Yo lo soñé” or has received gold records for “Quejíos de un maleante” and later accompanied him as an author in the Grammy nomination he obtained for his contribution to his friend’s album.

Sobre nosotros:

In La Pureza Records we are celebrating with this release, with the same energy and enthusiasm that the song conveys on the first listen. We are sorry for not being more restrained, but there is no margin for error in Oscar’s project. It is talent, perseverance and perseverance to make your own identity in the industry, and we are not going to stop until you hang the “Sold Out” sign in each of your gigs.

A true pleasure to be accompanying Oscar in this very decisive evolutionary process.

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