Luis el Capo

Luis el Capo is an urban artist who does not lose his Flamenco essence with an undeniable talent for composition. Hailing from Castilla la Mancha, he is a tireless worker with a heart that doesn’t fit in his chest. He already has a few hits to his credit such as Habibi, Ron Roneo, Así soy yo… Etc. Their latest release, Tanga, is the one we have worked on from La Pureza Records, obtaining a good positioning in editorial playlists. Luis begins a new stage, which we hope will be full of joy.

About us:

At La Pureza Records we are celebrating this new signing to our roster. Very soon new songs will come, which are already being previewed on social networks and are starting to make noise. Thank you for your trust and dedication Luis, this is the beginning of a great alliance.

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