Caleb – Julio

Julito is in fashion and people know it, and the public has been waiting for months for him to release this missile, which with the collaboration of Daviles de Novelda becomes unstoppable. Salsa flamenca that is impossible not to dance to. It is a tremendous hit, the song that will definitely consolidate Caleb on the throne he deserves. Juan el Mosca to the production. Impossible not to dance and enjoy strong.

From La Pureza Records we can only work side by side with Salcedo, and with childish illusion to inform the world that we have many projects in hand, this is just the beginning. We are a passionate team that works as a perfect gear to make our raleases go as far as possible. This is the beginning of a road full of music, because “Without music, life would be a mistake”.
music, life would be a mistake”.

In our roster we are fortunate to have the talent of: Salcedo Leyry, Jaque Original, Oscar Barrul… and future artists of the genre that we will be advancing.

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